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Zee Marathi Jagruti

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Zee Marathi Jagruti

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“I measure the progress of a community by the degree of progress which women have achieved.”
Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

Progress and empowerment can only come through accumulation of knowledge. The social fabric of the society is weaved around women and in order for the society to progress, it is imperative that women are the focal point around which it happens.

Zee Marathi Jagruti is an endeavour taken by Zee Marathi to carry forward this belief and make a positive difference. It aims to provide a platform for women to equip themselves with the tools to gain knowledge about things she could/ should know. It’s a platform to inspire them to broaden their horizons and explore their potential to the fullest.

The philosophy behind the entire initiative is साथ स्वतःला स्वतःची implying that a woman should enable herself to break through any barriers or limitations that the society or she has created.

Our role in this process is to inspire women to join us in this movement of knowledge and awakening which will illuminate possibilities and avenues for them. This will help them live a healthier, happier, more secure, independent and confident life.

Amruta Subhash who is a leading Marathi film & television actress and has to her credit many columns and articles will be representing Zee Marathi Jagruti as its Brand Ambassador. Being a household name, she will be the friend and companion to every woman associating with Jagruti.

A slew of ground, online and mass media initiatives will be conducted under this umbrella with the intent of reaching out to women at large.

Several activities will be conducted across multiple cities in Maharashtra. These activities will cover fields as diverse as finance to legal to technology along with health and nutrition as well. The sole aim of these activities will be to equip women with knowledge of things which will enable them to have a better chance at the world outside.

Show Time :Every Friday 1.30 PM

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